Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Snapshots

It seems I am technologically impaired (courtesy of my mother) and blogger is sadistic and thought it'd throw me for a loop and deny any picture uploads. For now we have made peace and I can upload pictures again, but time will tell...

Anyways, a week late, but better than never: these are from a late evening wandering through the downtown neighborhoods of Wilmington. These photos are all from my phone because I didn't plan on taking photos but when neighborhoods are as beautiful as this, one must take photos. In planer words, none of us were picture ready, so please excuse us for our unshowered, unfashionable selves. The puppy looks adorable as always though!

I threw in a few other snapshots from my blogging-deprived week

Meet Opie. Fellow summer roomate.

The best friend. xox

I think I make fun of these shoes everyday.
Only she can make them look even remotely acceptable.
Sister attack!

Cutie pie. I think he looks like a sleep number sheep!

My new summer digs?
Old Crow Medicine Show concert.

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