Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Grilling

Food Channel, eat your heart out!! Well, not really, because I love that channel and I got the idea for grilling watermelon from Bobby Flay's memorial day special, but anyways.... I have to admit this dinner was beyond delicious!

 Summertime equals grilling time and since I couldn't have a grill in my apartment in the city. I'm going all out. I guess I was feeling some Spanish/Latin vibes today, because dinner turned out to be Mexican corn and Sangria.

There's a well known pocket sized restaurant in Nolita called Cafe Habana that hands down has the most amazing corn in the world. Nearby La Esquina is a close second, but when it comes down to it there has to be a winner. Cafe Habana corn was actually my last meal in New York City before I moved for the summer. I guess you could call it my last supper. The last moment of savoring New York and my best friend before a crazy year of change and traveling. Maybe I should blame the corn for the change, because it is so damn life-changingly good! Ok, ok maybe I'm overselling it, but seriously, make it! The watermelon was an experiment, because I was just talking with a friend the other day about how watermelon is possibly the only fruit that is only eaten raw. I still prefer it that way, but the cool thing about grilling it is that it brings the sugar to the surface and caramelizes it. Yum!

Happy grilling!

Mexican Corn
  • cotija cheese
  • corn, shucked
  • paprika
  • mayo or butter
 First things first grate the cheese. I chose to use the smallest size, because I prefer fine cheese that subtly packs a punch without the crunch. That's just me though, and you could experiment with the size. I will say that it won't stick as well the larger it is.

 Set the grill to medium fire and grill, turning frequently, for ten minutes or until the
corn turns a golden brown color

 Now, you can use mayo or butter for this step. I just happened to be out of butter, so mayo it is! And have no fear mayo haters. My sister and I are not big fans and in fact all my sandwiches are mayoless but once rubbed on it melts like butter and you can control how much you apply. Once lathered, roll the corn on the plate of grated cotija cheese and sprinkle paprika to your liking. And now, stuff your face!! I promise it's worth every calorie :)

Grilled Caramelized Watermelon

 Cut the watermelon into slices, not wedges, for even cooking.

 Grill the watermelon on medium heat for about five minutes or until there are nicely browned grill marks and then flip and repeat.

 Great eaten plain, but it was also really tasty mixed with beets and goat cheese as a salad.

Snappy Sangria

 Bottled Sangria imported from Spain, bought at Whole Foods.


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