Monday, May 9, 2011

Backyard Lounging

I'm in my last week of school and summer is so close I'm going crazy. How can I be expected to study and write papers with the end in sight?! So far I've been doing a good job with that by not doing it at all...procrastination is most definitely a talent of mine. Instead I've been running around the city with my friends checking off our 'to do' list of fun before we all part ways. I'm really going to miss the city, especially since I have never been away from it for more than a couple weeks at a time and now I won't be back for possibly over a year. On the other hand I am beside myself with excitement to go home and to travel. Here's to a summer of nonsense and nothing to do but hangout with my friends and play!

I love this shoot for it's gorgeously feminine clothes and the ridiculousness of chilling in the backyard all decked out.

Valerie Van Der Graaf in Lulu by Ellen Von Unwerth

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