Saturday, May 1, 2010

Union Square

This week at Jamba Juice there was a buy one get one free special, so my suitemate and I stocked up parked ourselves on the park steps for a some lunch rush people watching...

Love the jeans...wonder if they're homemade.

Nothing too special about the outfit, but the shoes are great!

These pastel yellow ciggy pants look adorale with the pastel blue satchel and white loafers...very 50s or "little mermaid" inspired!

Too bad the sun washed out her shoes. They were lace up wedge snakeskin with a tie front! I personally like the pink/red combo too. Sure it can be a little "valentines day" but it's cute.

Great day-off style: The coral sweater and jeans balance perfectly with the cork wedges, fedora, and multi-strand necklace!

The new shoes I bought! Nothing amazing but breathable for the summer and on sale for $5!!

Sure, it may be flaking, but it almost makes it better and adds an interesting crackle look

Not a huge fan of the boots but the pop of green on the bag is unexpected and the yellow lace trim is sweet.

Her nautical inspired outfit is so cute and put together!

I want these jeans! the slanted seaming is really flattering and the mix of motorcycle jacket and cowgirl boots is unexpected.

I envy how comfortable she looks! The toffee color scheme, moccasins and effortless hair come together for a great granny themed outfit!

These girls decided to grab a bite in the park and soak up the sun and they couldn't look more adorable doing so! Just a simple floral sundress and the orange bubble-hemmed trench go a long way.

Wonder if they plannede matching shoes, glasses and hair? They're even walking in step! Personally the outfits don't wow me but the seperates are great!

Such a pretty print and the lattice sandals are perfect for summer!

Quirky-cute from the knees up, but not too fond of the shoes. There's nothing really wrong with them...just something off about them in this particular outfit.

Love the bag!

Another one of my favorites! Just a pair of flats and a shift dress, but the yellow and rich pink combo propels it to a whole new level!

The pale gold shoes and drawstring detailing on the dress are simple and interesting. Love the supple leather bag as well!

I feel like I'm looking at a Gap ad. The perfect mix of casual and not a hair out of place!

Always a fan of soft knits and opaque tights!

This adorable dog was trying to eat all the skateboards!

The gold cocktail ring and flower in her hair soften her biker details.

Can you say J.Crew catalogue? In my opinion that's not a bad thing; personally I would've traded the flats for wedges and added some gold jewelry.

I love the tight leotard-like top and tights's almost like she just came from dance class and threw on some extras to leave the studio. Adorable!

Who knew chic could be so easy. just grab your favorite jeans, a pair of leather flip flops and an oversized top!

NO...that's all I'm going to say

Whimsical polka dots are never wrong!

Style genious or sheer geeky luck? Either way works!

The two-toned bag and pixie haircut make this look!

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