Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day One

It was the first sunny day in the city today after the looooong winter and people stormed soho to wine, dine, and shop in style!

These two girls from Venezuela, Spain are a personal favorite of mine. Those flowered jeans remind me of the crazy get-ups I wore as a kid in the 90s and they pull at my heartstrings! Both agreed that denim is their most anticipated item for summer, which is easy to see as both girls are rocking denim vests.
This guy looked so mysterious with his wrap around glasses: I imagine one could do some serious people watching behind those!
This couple was so put together from his high water pants to her bondage shoes.
Left: Loved her cutesy rabbit print top and patterned leather purse.
Right:  a denim jacket done right - I've been craving a little denim jacket to throw on but there's a fine line between tacky/cheap denim and cute/tasteful denim
I thought I'd end with some vendor art. Love the way her "mane" flows in all directions

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